Fill the Walls Again

Long after the flames have been extinguished, the media is gone, people have moved on and you’ve found a new place to live – be it temporary (which could still be 5 years!) or permanent.
You’re beginning to deal with the trauma & tragedy of things you wish you never saw, the generous donations from around the world have been handed out and you’ve managed to buy some more “stuff” to fill this house with…. I know it still won’t feel like home. And nor should it.
It’s not yours. You didn’t want it. You were happy where you were.
Everything in it is either donated or bought on a whim with some relief appeal money (of which you are endlessly grateful for!) because you suddenly realised “fuck, where will I sleep? Where will my kids eat their breakfast? I have no towels!”
So you make a drive to fantastic furniture and JBHiFi and just say “I’ll take one of everything please”.

Now your house is full, but it still doesn’t feel like home…..
There are no memories there.
You have to make new ones.
It’s so hard, but you just HAVE too!
It won’t feel like home until you do – trust me, I know first hand.
And when you’re ready to do that, when you’re ready to fill your walls with memories again, call me & I’ll be there. ❤️ Louise


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fill the walls again